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Siem Reap
Siem Reap is a province of Cambodia. The name "Siem Reap" literally means "Siam Defeated", a reminder of the centuries-old conflict between the Siamese and the Khmer. This province is rank the 6th largest in the nation with big portion of Siem reap Southern border is demarcated by the Tonle Sap. In the modern times this province is known as the site of Angkor ruins.

Siem reap province is one of the famous province in tourism sector. A hundred of temple was found in this province in 600 km² and all of temple is build between 9 century to 13 century such as Angkor Wat , Ta Prom , Bayon , Angkor thom, … ect . There is many thing that tourist can do in this place it not just only temple. Here is the additional activity to add in your itinerary as you day is available

Cycle tour
The most incredible and respect to the nature we would be recommend to visit Angkor by cycling. It requirement fit on the bike cycle for half day or full day depend it is depend on. For this tour you will do different from another way is cycle around Angkor by using the small road to explore but it will be less temple that you can see according to seasonal and road possibility. Note: that is only interest for Adult, teenager, or people who interested to do exercise

Elephant ride
Exciting to experience the sign seeing on the back of the elephant. This type of tour is available every day and year around but in the high season the look pretty busy so you need to make a reservation in advance . there is available for many rough tour and not so long only 15 to 20 mn for each rough tour . We could start form South-gate to Bayon in the morning and then mid- morning around Bayon or Bayon to south-Gate in the late morning. it also possible in the afternoon start from 3 o’clock clam up to Bakheng mountain , or around South-gate . it is very interesting with slow trek and take photo. Elephant ride is good recommend for couple , family and friend

Tonle Sap (Floating Village)

Observe the different life style of the people who live down on the water. If we depart the tour from Siem Reap there is 4 major floating village that we can visit and depend on the time and the budget that you plan.
Kampong Kleang is about 50 km from Siem reap city . it cost a bit more for your transportation to get there and the boat for sign seeing but it one of the largest high stilt houses which over 10 meters . it not much tourist go there.

Kampong Phluk is a floating village in Siem Reap province on the south of Rolous Group. it just 17 Km for the centre of Siem Reap. it is also the stilted house but the most particular of this village is flooded mangrove forest surrounds the village . This village is one of the big fishing village but it not so different from the village.

Chong Kneas only 15mn from Siem Reap, easy to access to this village and also it more modern for the tourist facility. It also good to clam up to Phnom Krom for panoramic view of the agricultures and Tonle Sap lake before visit the village. This village is also having a huge port that is different from the other.

Mean Chrey , it is about 15 km approximately from Siem reap town on the west of the Chong Kneas. It is also the good for going to Prek Toal through this village, it more natural and peace but you can only see the floating house, it is very difficult to access this village during the dry season. I would be the best village that we recommend for escape the crowd.

Prek Toal is the famous village for birth watching , a lot of birth that you can see. We can say that is the biggest place that we can see the bird, it seasonal visit the good time to go there is during rainy season , you actually can see the same thing where the other village does but it more special to see the activity that rarely saw is Environmental Research Station, Saray Platform where the water hyacinth stems ate woven into bags to go the you need to spend the whole day , it will be exciting and good experiences.

Cambodia cooking

class Good experience to learn and cook by yourself. it is very enjoyable for this activity by going through the market buying ingredient to making a dishes , It is very interesting to do . A couple place that we would recommend to like River garden cook in the tuk tuk , Sojourn a superior cooking class, or Tigre le paper Phsa Chass area. This activity can do in the morning or in the afternoon.

Silk farm
During your visit, our guides will give you more details on the mulberry trees, silkworm farming, cocoon unwinding, preparation of the silk threads, ikat technique (tie-dyeing of the threads) and silk weaving. We are sure that you will be impressed by the dexterity of our artisans with silk threads.

Village sign seeing
It is about 14 Km and 20 mn from the central of the siem reap city where you can enjoy the process of making silk .During your visit, their guides will give you more details on the mulberry trees, silkworm farming, cocoon unwinding, preparation of the silk threads, ikat technique (tie-dyeing of the threads) and silk weaving. We are sure that you will be impressed by the dexterity of our artisans with silk threads. Good experience and interesting to see it.

Horse Cart ride Only 5 mn from the town , out about the temple where you can enjoy the cart ride or horse ride to get in to the country side with trail road . this road will bring you to meet the real local people . during the rainy season where people growth rice and other activity...

Banteay Srey Butterfly

The Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre (BBC) is a new tourist attraction for Siem Reap Province featuring a live display of Cambodian butterflies. Revenue generated by tourist admissions provides support for local poverty alleviation and conservation projects.

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